Joining Our Parish

Welcome! Each family brings something different and valuable to our parish community and we would love to have you join us. Rather than attending Mass as an anonymous participant, please consider becoming a registered member of our parish. Contact our parish at (616)363-6885 to get more information on joining our parish family!

The word parish comes from the Greek word “paroikia” meaning “a pilgrim people,” a people on a journey of faith; a journey that we hope one day will lead to the fullness of life in God’s Kingdom forever. As a Catholic Christian Parish, we at St. Jude are traveling together on a great journey – the journey of Life and Faith. It is a great comfort to know that others are on the same road. When we register with a parish we are saying that it is our wish to travel down this road of Life and Faith with that particular community of people by becoming active in its mission and vision and supporting it.

Registering as a parishioner at any parish is an integral part of living an active, Catholic life. It provides more than a means to track your tithing at the end of the year or to be included in mailing lists from the parish or diocese. The following are just a few examples of the importance of being registered at a parish:

  • To baptize your child, you must be registered at a parish
  • To be the godparent of a child, you must be able to provide a letter of good standing from your parish priest, only given if you have been registered and active in the parish for at least six months
  • Similarly, you must be able to provide a letter of good standing to be a Confirmation Sponsor
  • Many parishes require you to be registered for at least a year to get married in their church

St. Jude’s is dedicated to serving its parishioners and assisting in your Sacramental formation. Please prayerfully consider registering. We’d love to have you join us!