Volunteer Opportunities

Current Opportunities

Please consider becoming a volunteer for any of the opportunities below. If you are interested, please contact Marty Smith at msmith@stjudes.net. Please note: If you’d like to volunteer for a position that deals with children in any capacity, we do need to do a background check and you need to undergo Virtus training. This takes some time, so please don’t wait until the last minute!

Grades 1-8 Religious Instruction
  • Our parish needs people willing to pass on the faith to our children. Being a catechist, or a catechist assistant is a great way to get more involved in the parish and learn more about the faith yourself!
  • There are twenty four, 90 minute sessions on Sunday evenings during the school year, beginning in early September and concluding the end of March with time off for the holidays.
  • We will provide all the materials you need. Class sizes are small usually 5 to 12 students.
  • Time required: In addition to the weekly commitment described above, there is lesson planning time which is usually 1-2 hours per week, but can vary based on the person.
  • Talents desired: Willingness to commit to sharing the authentic Catholic faith with children
Children’s Liturgy of the Word
  • The Children’s Liturgy of the Word ministry is important. It helps the children participate in Mass in order to know Christ better, by developing a relationship with the Lord.
  • Offered at our Sunday 10:30am Mass. Children, kindergarten-1st grade, meet in the Church basement and hear the word in language suitable to their age.
  • Time required: About 1 hour every 1-2 months depending on number of leaders.
  • Talents desired: Confirmed Catholic who enjoys sharing your authentic Catholic faith with children.
Vacation Bible School
  • VBS is a five day camp (3 hours per day).
  • Each year is a different theme.
  • Children gather during five days in the summer for songs, crafts, prayer while learning more about Jesus.
  • We need volunteers to help create props, set up prior to the start of VBS, crew members to work with the children during VBS and volunteers to help tear down after VBS is done. We also need supplies so donations are greatly appreciated (either financially or by donating specific supplies that are requested as VBS approaches).
  • Adult and Students who have completed grade five and beyond are welcome to help with Vacation Bible School.
  • Crew members will meet prior to VBS for training where they will learn the bible message, songs, motions and setting up the different stations.
  • Adults who are seeking to share their love for the Lord and what it means to be an authentic Catholic.
  • Time required: 1.5 hours per meeting; meetings are held weekly from September to Easter.
  • ​Talents desired: open heart and mind, strong knowledge of the Catholic faith and willingness to continue learning.
Special Occasions & Supplies

Maybe you don’t feel God is calling you to the classroom or something instructional. We need other volunteers too! From time to time we’ll have special events. We’ll need help setting up or tearing down. We’ll need help in the kitchen preparing snacks or easy meals (like serving pizza).

We also need supplies throughout the year. If you’re interested in contributing financially or by donating specific items (craft supplies, snacks, etc.) please contact us!

VIRTUS Training

In 2002, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) created a document that would guide the efforts of the Church in the United States in creating safe environments. The Charter for the Protection of Children & Young People was promulgated in June 2002 and has since been revised three times. Today, the Catholic Church in the United States has the strongest measures in the world in place for protecting children and young people, including safe environment training for children and adults, background checks and a zero-tolerance policy.

To become a volunteer, one of the necessary steps is to take a Protecting God’s Children class. Click here to find class schedules and more information. A background check is also part of the process.

Please contact Linda Parks at the parish office at (616)363-6885 for more details about how to get started.