Through the Sacrament of Marriage, one man and one woman consecrate themselves to each other and to God as husband and wife. St. Jude welcomes all requests to celebrate this special occasion.

Couples wishing to be married at St. Jude are expected to meet several criteria:

1. The couple will contact the parish office to arrange the marriage ceremony date. (Only one wedding will be celebrated on any Saturday.)
2. The couple is to make this arrangement at least 6 months in advance.
3. The couple will be asked to fill out an “Application for Marriage at St. Jude.”
4. Then the couple will be contacted by either Fr. Tom Page, Fr. Tom Cavera, or Deacon Larry.
5. They will meet with the celebrant to fill out the necessary paperwork, go over the guidelines for a wedding at St. Jude, and prepare for the ceremony.
6. The couple will be required to complete a Pre-Cana retreat, Engaged Encounter, or an equivalent program.
7. The couple will be required to take a Premarital Inventory test. The celebrant will go over the results with the couple once they are returned.
8. Music for the ceremony will be arranged through the Music Director, Chris Jensen.

Please contact the Parish Office (616-363-6885) with any questions or requests.