HELP Pregnancy Aid

St. Jude is happy to support the mission of HELP Pregnancy Aid through material and spiritual support. Our Beyond Words campaign encourages parishioners to donate much needed supplies to help support new moms (like diapers, formula, car seats, sippy cups, etc.). From time to time our parish holds fundraisers or hosts events that contribute part of the proceeds to HELP.

Please visit HELP Pregnancy Aid to learn how you can get involved in this important ministry.

HELP Pregnancy Aid, Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing life-giving support and services to women and families. Their goals as an organization are to empower pregnant and young mothers in a Christ-like manner by:

  • Offering seeds of accurate, LIFE-affirming information by ministering the truth about health, sex, and pregnancy.
  • Making available vital educational opportunities that encourage a safe and healthy pregnancy, as well as development of the newborn in the first, critical years of life.
  • Addressing the physical, emotional and spiritual issues that accompany parenting, through peer counseling in a non-judgmental way and with assured confidentiality.
  • Assisting with the material support necessary to meet the basic needs of mother and child.
  • Connecting mothers who seek information about adoption with Christian agencies.
  • Supporting women who struggle with the aftermath of abortion by connecting them with professional counseling and support groups who encourage healing of abortion-related trauma.
  • Promoting the involvement of both parents in each child’s life by offering classes and/or referrals to support fathers, as well.