All Saints Academy

All Saints Academy is an active ministry founded by the parishes of Blessed Sacrament, St. Alphonsus, St. Isidore and St. Jude. United in faith, hope, and love, we are dedicated to excellence in education, Catholic living and the teachings of the Catholic Church. Guided by the Holy Spirit, we will show respect and care for all children.

Our Community

All Saints Academy places a high importance on faith and community. Find out here what a difference that can make for your family!

Who We Are

All Saints Academy (ASA) is a Catholic school, located in northeast Grand Rapids, that was created by the parish communities of Blessed Sacrament, St. Alphonsus, St. Isidore, and St. Jude. It is one school located on two campuses. The lower campus at Diamond is located on the Blessed Sacrament parish grounds and the upper campus at Four Mile is on the St. Jude grounds.

Vision Statement

The Vision of All Saints Academy is to provide a transformative education that is grounded in the Catholic faith. Guided by the Holy Spirit, this education meets the needs of individual learners, preparing them to make a positive impact on others.

Mission Statement

All Saints Academy is a Catholic School inspired by the Holy Spirit and dedicated to teaching and living as Jesus did. Our mission is to serve and partner with our families, parishes and communities as we focus on the spiritual, intellectual, moral, social, and physical development of our children.

ASA Philosophy

All Saints Academy provides a transformative, rigorous academic program with the Catholic faith as our foundation. All Saints Academy is a community of students, educators, parents, and our four founding parishes. Together we educate the whole child, advancing knowledge while nurturing hearts and souls. We help everyone in our school community to become the best version of themselves through personal growth, creativity, prayer, communal worship, and loving service. We respect and celebrate each child’s God-given unique gifts and talents through innovative and individualized approaches to learning. We foster strong relationships with Jesus Christ so that graduates engage in lifelong faith development to glorify God through their good works and service to all.