Adopt a College Student

We don’t want students that graduate from high school to feel they have been forgotten by their home parish community. That’s where this program comes in! Interested students are asked to sign up and are then paired with an interested “adopting family” from the parish. Throughout the year the family will send cards, prayers, and care packages to the student. To sign up or find out more information, go HERE.

All Are Welcome

All ages are invited to join a night of music and adoring Jesus in the practice of Eucharistic Adoration. This is a great opportunity to introduce your children to this practice.
We hold this evening 2 times per year. On November 3, 2023 and at a TBD date during Lent.
Find out more information HERE.

40 Days for Life

40 Days for Life is a campaign of a peaceful prayer vigil in front of the abortion clinic at 320 E Fulton St, Grand Rapids. Churches of all denominations participate by choosing a specific day during the 40 days for pray and be witness for the unborn Our parish chooses a certain day and those interested are asked to sign up for a particular hour to pray between 7AM and 8PM. Those who participate are asked to come in groups with family, friends, or fellow church members, but you are welcome to set up your own time, also. For more information go to

55 Plus

“55 Plus” is a program for seniors 55 and over. This group meets on the 3rd Wednesday of each month, September through June, for a catered lunch for a nominal fee and a great program. Programs include informational sessions, motivational speakers, and musical entertainment. Please see the bulletin for monthly details.


Members of the Bereavement Committee bring peace and comfort to those who have suffered the loss of a loved one. We represent the parish through funeral home visitation. We support people throughout the grieving process. Anyone interested in helping through this process is invited to participate.

Beyond Words Campaign

The Beyond Words Campaign was started to make sure we are “walking the walk” beyond our parish community. Each quarter of the year is dedicated to an area of need: Juvenile Detention, HELP Pregnancy, Vets Home, and Degage. Each month of that quarter we collect something that they need in large quantities. To find out what the current need it, please go HERE.

Blood Drive

This ministry is scheduled twice a year. It involves advertising the blood drive with notices in the bulletin, announcements at Mass, and posters placed in the local community. It also involves making phone calls to recruit enough blood donors to make the drive worthwhile. This can be time-consuming.  Although a list of past donors is available, it is necessary to get new people involved. On the day of the drive, the drivers who set up everything are in need of help in unloading the equipment.  The registration person can use assistance with seating donors and instructing them on completing their questionnaires. Help is also needed in providing homemade or store-bought treats for the donors to partake in after giving blood. A person or two to serve the refreshments is beneficial as well.
Contact: Mary Sedlecky, (616)361-1681

Christmas Giving Tree

Our parishioners provide gifts for people in need at Christmas time.  The people who receive our gifts are parishioners, elderly shut-ins, orphans, and veterans.  Help is especially needed on the Sunday when the gifts are sorted. All are welcome to come help out without signing up beforehand. This is usually only a time commitment from minutes to an hour or two that afternoon.  This is always on a Sunday around 11:45. Please check the church bulletin or the date on the back of the ornament to know which Sunday for that particular year. You will be reminded in mid-December through the bulletin.  For many people our gifts are the only gifts they may receive.   You make their Christmas.
Contact: Anne Weeda, (616)363-4021

Collection Counters

Collection counters are responsible for counting the Sunday offertory.  We meet every Monday morning at 9:00 a.m. for approximately two hours each week.  Teams are based on the number of volunteers and currently rotate every three months.  Additional volunteers are always welcome and could possibly reduce the existing time requirements.  Special skills are not required and “on the job” training is provided.  Please consider joining this very worthy ministry and meet some new friends.
Contact: Jill Host, (616)363-6885

Delivery of Thanksgiving and Christmas Food Baskets

St. Jude parishioners deliver food baskets, turkeys and hams to needy area families for the holidays. These are put together by St. Jude parishioners from donated food collections during November and December. Deliveries are done on a Saturday, usually 10-12 days prior to the holiday. Please volunteer your time and be a part of holiday sharing and giving.
Contact: Brian Patterson, (616)363-6091

Destiny Newsletter

The St. Jude Destiny is an occasional publication, issued periodically during the year to provide information about parish initiatives and upcoming events.  The Destiny is inserted into the weekly parish bulletin and recent issues are available for viewing on the parish website at
Contact: Celia Andrus, (616)361-1061

Funeral Luncheons

Our ministry prepares luncheons after the funeral Mass for the families that request it.  It is one less thing they have to worry about at their time of loss.  We invite anyone interested in helping serve the lunch, make a dish or call for dishes to join our ministry.
Contact: Pat Krulek, (616)361-0991

God’s Kitchen

On the first Sunday of the month, volunteers from St. Jude meet at God’s Kitchen to prepare and serve a midday meal to 200 — 300 people.  We have managers who supervise, but many hands make light work.  Truly, Christ’s words “I was hungry and you gave me to eat” are apparent after the meal is served.  Adults and teens (16 years and over) are welcome to serve the Lord in this ministry.
Contact: Richard Reames, (616)364-9737

High School Exam Care Packages

Exams can be a stressful time in a students education. Our hope is to provide support during that time. In May, close to the exam schedule, parishioners donate goods such as snacks or school supplies that are then put into a care package. Parishioners then sign up to deliver these to the students. It is an easy and quick way to help another in the Body of Christ. Find out more or sign up HERE.

Mary’s Mantle Consecration

Each year starting on St Jude’s feast day, October 28, from the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, December 12, parishioners are invited to embark on a fantastic journey of prayer, sacrifice, and community. The Mary’s Mantle Consecration is a wonderful charism that will undoubtedly boost your faith life. Go HERE for more information.

Parish Grounds – Flower Beds

This ministry is for the growers of our parish community.  Each spring we assign each of our flower beds/gardens to a person, couple, or group for them to tend throughout the spring, summer, and fall months.   If you like to be outside and tend to “the garden,” then this is the ministry for you!
Contact: Linda Parks, (616)363-6885

Parish Receptions

This ministry helps to plan and host receptions for many special occasions celebrated by the St Jude Parish family. The main event is the annual Women’s Advent Night hosted on the Thursday before Thanksgiving. This includes music, food, and fellowship, as well as, an inspiring talk to prepare us spiritually for the upcoming season of Advent. Helpers of all ages are welcome.

Prayer Shawl Ministry

Every year at Christmas and at Easter we donate prayer shawls that we have made to residents in area nursing homes.  A prayer shawl is a knitted or crocheted garment that residents use to cover their shoulders when it is cooler.  As we work on the shawl we pray for the person who will be receiving it.  We supply a prayer or you may pray one of your own choosing.  The shawl is a rectangle that measures approximately 60 x 20 inches. It does not have to be fancy, you may use any stitch and size needle or hook you like.  There are no meetings or time frames.  You work at your own pace and when finished you can hand it in at the parish office. Once finished, we wrap the shawl and include a card that tells where it came from. The card also includes the prayer that was prayed for them.

Prison/Jail Ministry

The purpose of this ministry is to bring God’s word and love to the incarcerated and their families.  This is done in many ways — from Bible Study and Communion Services in prisons, jails, work release or juvenile centers to one-on-one written communication, collection and delivery of holiday presents, and providing input for Healthy Living Classes.  The mission of this ministry is also to address the aftercare needs of ex-offenders and to raise awareness of justice issues surrounding incarceration.  Participation in this ministry requires prayerful discernment and training with the diocese program director.  The parish leader of the Prison/Jail Ministry is available to answer questions and provide more information.

Rummage Sale

The Parish Rummage Sale is held on a Saturday in the spring and we guarantee a good time! We have a January meeting at which time we make some final decisions and work on signs.  On the Friday before the sale, we sort the items that have been donated and prepare for the sale.  On Saturday, we are in need of several cashiers and people to bag sale items and refold clothing.  After the sale, we package  items which were not sold for pickup on Monday.
Contact: Chris Fales, (616)363-3279

Ship of Hope – Food Pantry

This ministry involves taking the food collected on the first weekend of every month to our ACCESS food pantry at United Methodist Church on the corner of Spencer and Plainfield.  The food should be delivered on the Monday after Ship of Hope weekend between 9:00 a.m. and noon.  A delivery schedule is created from the Time and Talent forms each year.
Contact: Linda Parks, (616)363-6885

Shut-In Ministry

Our mission is to deliver fruit baskets or flowers during the holiday season to those who are ill and unable to leave their homes.  We also visit those who are homebound and check on their well being, try to build a rapport and remind them that we are all part of the parish family.  We are open to anyone, from teenagers on up, who would like to help out.  An ability to drive and a willingness to serve are the only requirements.

Soup Supper

Soup Supper workers have fun by serving others in groups.  By inviting the entire neighborhood, Saint Jude Parish becomes more than just a building on the block!  This is the perfect way to get parish families together.  Approximately 10 — 20 workers per month put on the supper, and we can use as many new volunteers as possible.  No training is required, and participants of all ages, from teenagers to adults, are welcome.  A willingness to serve others is all that is needed!
Contact: Rick Steinport, (616)361-2820

St. Joseph the Worker, Sister Parish Ministry

This ministry is developing a partnership with a mutual sharing of compassion, companionship and cultural diversity.  It is done on a spiritual, physical, emotional and social level.  Learning and sharing brings joy, peace and a growing relationship with God as we share His Word, His Good News and His Love.  St. Jude contributes 3% of its weekly tithing to St. Joseph the Worker Parish.  St. Joseph the Worker Parish family has visited  St. Jude Parish. On occasion, a bilingual Mass followed by a delicious Hispanic meal, shared in gratitude, has helped all of us get to know one another better. The children have also attended Summer Vacation Bible School at St. Jude.  Future plans for the partnership continue and many praying and thinking workers are needed.
Contact: Linda Parks, (616)363-6885

Thaddeus Society

The St Jude Thaddeus Society for Catholic Young Adults is a program geared toward 18-39ers that are looking to get more out of their lives by growing in their relationship with Christ and others in the community. This includes all single, married, religious, and divorced adults. The program is based out of St Jude Parish but is open to anyone. You can find out more information or sign up HERE.
Contact: Sue Wuorinen, (616)363-6885


Every last Monday of the month, women are invited to a laid back, but still faith filled night, at the Tap on Plainfield. Join us for drinks, food, and the Gospel, too! Find out more information HERE.
Contact: Sue Wuorinen, (616)363-6885

Vacation Bible School

This is held annually for the parish youth. Preschool through 4th grade is welcome to attend and 5th through 12th is invited to help. It is a great time for all! You can out more information HERE.
Contact: Janet Deboe, (616)363-6885


Altar Linen Maintenance

Members of the Altar Linen Ministry care for the linens used in Holy Communion and that dress the altar at daily and weekend Liturgies. This care includes washing and ironing the cloths.  Linens are picked up and returned by members of this ministry.  The time commitment is minimal; usually 2—3 hours several times per year.
Contact: Rosemary Toole, (616)361-9668

Altar Server

Originally reserved for young men training to become priests, the ministry of acolyte (another word for server) is now open to boys and girls grade five and above, who have demonstrated good character and a responsible attitude.  Training is held to prepare the server to assist the priest as needed throughout the Mass.  Servers assist at Mass approximately once a month and need to arrive early for Mass and be well-groomed and alert.
Contact: Parish Office, (616)363-6885

Altar Server Robe Maintenance

There is a satisfaction in maintaining the altar server robes.  It is so nice to see the servers in crisp, clean robes.  The servers are serving not only the priest, but more importantly, they are serving Jesus.  With enough volunteers, you may have to wash and iron the robes only once a year.  The maintenance of the robes is quite simple.  You collect the robes after the Sunday 10:30 a.m. Mass or at your convenience.  Then you wash, iron and hang the robes and return them by the following Tuesday or Wednesday.
Contact: Juanita Fabian, (616)361-2024


The Cantor serves as a vocalist, encouraging full and active participation of the faithful in the singing of hymns, acclamations, and responses used in the Liturgy.  At times, Cantors sing alone when singing the Responsorial Psalm, the Gospel Alleluia Acclamation and verse and an occasional vocal solo.  Those interested in serving as a Cantor should have some past singing experience, such as in a choir, and feel relatively comfortable singing before a large group of people.  Cantors lead at the 8:30 and 10:30 Sunday morning Masses and at the 4:00 Mass on Saturday afternoon. Scheduling is rotational and based upon availability.
Contact: Parish Office, (616)363-6885


Those wanting to share their musical talents with the Parish as an instrumentalist should contact the parish office. The most common instruments used in the Liturgy as solo or in combination with other instruments and/or choir is flute, trumpet, clarinet, oboe, guitar and percussion. However, all instruments are welcome.  If you have an ability to play a particular instrument and want to share your talent, please do not hesitate to make yourself known.
Contact: Parish Office, (616)363-6885

Church Decorations

Whether it is one of the great feasts of the church year or daily Mass, we praise the Lord by helping to beautify His home with flowers, plants and banners.  Anyone who can do this on a weekly or monthly basis or who just wants to help with special feast days is invited to participate.  A training session of 1 — 2 hours and an annual meeting to explain the technical liturgical side of church environment is all that is required.  If you have a love of working with plants and flowers and arranging displays and would like to spend quiet time in church doing this, then this ministry is for you!  Children and teens are welcome.
Contact: Parish Office, (616)363-6885

Eucharistic Minister

It is an awesome honor and responsibility to participate in the distribution of the Holy Eucharist, the glorified Body and Blood of Jesus!  Our Eucharistic Ministers are a necessary and valued part of every celebration of the Mass.  Parish staff schedule training sessions for all Ministers and notices are posted in the bulletin.  Prerequisites for becoming a Eucharistic Minister are simply that you be a confirmed adult or teen Catholic and that you will perform this important office with common sense and reverence for the Sacrament.
Contact: Linda Parks, (616)363-6885

Funeral Masses

This ministry provides Lectors and Eucharistic Ministers at funeral Masses as a service to the newly bereaved.  Members must be trained as Lectors and Eucharistic Ministers and must be available on short notice during the week as needed.
Contact: Linda Parks, (616)363-6885

Hospital Eucharistic Minister

Eucharistic Ministers are a necessary and valued part of every Mass.  It is also important to remember those that are unable to attend Mass due to hospitalization.  Hospital Eucharistic Ministers are called upon one weekend per month to take communion to our parishioners who are in the hospital.  Prerequisites are simply that you be a confirmed adult or teen Catholic and that you perform your duties with common sense and reverence for the Sacrament.
Contact: Linda Parks, (616)363-6885


Lectors/Readers are entrusted with the task of making the Word of God come alive by proclaiming it in such a way that the congregation hears Him speaking to them. With practice, we are able to fulfill our task and make the Liturgy more meaningful for all.  Requirements are a good speaking voice and a willingness to stand up in front of the congregation to proclaim the Good News.  Training includes articulation, phrasing, voice projection and microphone use.  Each lector receives a manual of the readings for the year, with meditations and appropriate suggestions for effective proclaiming.  Lectors are assigned on a rotating basis at the Mass which is preferred. Adults and teenagers are welcome to participate.
Contact: Rose Kelbel, (616)361-9182

Rosary (before 7:30 a.m. Mass)

This ministry is looking for dedicated people to lead and pray the Rosary before the 8:30 a.m. Mass each Sunday morning. We begin at 8:05 a.m. and conclude at 8:25 a.m. No training is required. We pray the mysteries according to the seasons — during Advent we pray the Joyful Mysteries, during Lent we pray the Sorrowful Mysteries, and for the remainder of the year we pray the Glorious Mysteries.
Contact: Pat Krulek, (616)361-0991


The sacristan is someone who volunteers to prepare the church for Mass.  Setting out the hosts and wine, preparing the chalice and cups, and making sure that everything is ready for the celebration of the Eucharist are the sacristan’s duties. The sacristan should set up for Mass one hour prior to Mass time.  Training is required.
Contact: Linda Parks, (616)363-6885


The job of the ushers is to greet people entering and leaving the church.  They usher people to pews, collect the tithes, carry the offertory and the cross, and distribute the bulletins.  Ushers should make their first word a word of welcome.  They should keep on the lookout for new members of the parish, visitors and the aged.  When they recognize newcomers, they should invite them to meet some of those present, introduce them and help them to feel welcome.  Adults and teenagers are welcome. Ushers must be dependable, kind and willing to accentuate the positive.
Contact: Tom Carpenter, (616)361-1236