Exam Care Packages

We want the students that attend St Jude parish to know that they are cared for and just as much a part of our community as anyone else.
Exam time can be a stressful and frustrating experience, and they can use as much support as they can get. We will show that by delivering each student a care package to their house.
How can you help? We need donations to fill the packages and drivers to deliver them.
Below, please fill in the form on what you can provide. Your help is greatly appreciated!
We have 41 students in 34 homes. If you can donate all of one item or some, we will take it. Drivers are asked to deliver to 5 homes (if you can do more, please note that)
Supplies are to be dropped off at the parish office by Monday, April 29.
Drivers are to pick the packages up at the parish office May 2-3 (between 8:30AM-4PM), and deliver them at any point by Sunday, May 5.
You will receive an email closer to these dates, reminding you of all of this.
Contact Sue with any questions! Email swuorinen@stjudes.net

We need the following donated (this list will be updated, so if it is listed – we need it):
  • Trail Mix (snack size packages) 50
  • Individual Chip Bags 100
  • Pens 100 (You can find some on Amazon HERE)
  • Stress Balls 50 (You can find some on Amazon HERE)
  • Highlighters 50 (You can find some on Amazon HERE)