Under Mary’s Mantle

For many women, Mother’s Day is a difficult day and reminder of suffering and pain. Whether it be because of a struggle to conceive, loss of a child, or the loss of one’s mother, through the “Under Mary’s Mantle” ministry we want to recognize that pain and offer an opportunity to lift it up to the Lord in prayer.

On Friday, May 8 at 7PM, on our parish Facebook page, we will live stream a rosary said before the Blessed Sacrament in honor of your petitions. Please consider filling out any of the forms below to have your name and/or child’s name listed in the prayer intentions. If you do not click the box to have any first names said, the intention will be prayed in the silence of our hearts.

Each type of prayer intention will be coordinated with a rose color. A rose bud will be laid in front of the monstrance on the altar to represent your prayer. You will also be emailed a prayer for you to be able to say at any time.

I would also like to offer the opportunity to view and pray along with this online Healing Retreat. It includes videos and reflection for all stages of grief, despair, and healing. It can be done over any amount of time.

If you have any questions, please email me at swuorinen@stjudes.net