Beyond Words

The Beyond Words Campaign was started to make sure we are “walking the walk” beyond our parish community. Each quarter of the year is dedicated to an area in need:

  • Juvenile Detention
  • HELP Pregnancy
  • Vets Home
  • Degage

Each month of that quarter we collect something that they need in large quantities. Click the button below to view a schedule of the current needs:

Help Needed!

Volunteers are needed to help make this ministry a success. The good news is there is a limited amount of time expected. One volunteer is needed per ministry. Collections are on the 3rd Saturday of the month. The expectations are:

  • Collect the donated goods after the 10:30 AM Mass on the 3rd Sunday of each month.
  • Drop off the donated goods at the ministry’s facility.
  • The volunteer is only responsible for the 3 months out of the year in which we support that ministry; for example, HELP Pregnancy is only April, May, and June.