Mary’s Mantle Consecration

REGISTRATION IS CLOSED FOR THIS YEAR. WE WILL BEGIN AGAIN OCTOBER 28, 2022! (You can also do this by yourself, following the dates listed in the book)

***If you would like to do this on your own, go to the links below and purchase the materials listed.***



You are invited!…

To join us for 46 days of growing closer to God, through the heart of Our Lady. On the feast of St Jude we will begin a 46 Marian consecration retreat.

Why 46 days? Each day represents a star on Our Lady of Guadalupe’s mantle. And guess what day comes 46 days after St Jude’s feast day? The feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe!

The retreat includes 4 aspects:

***Committing to saying the rosary each day

***Reading the brief daily readings, focusing on 1 star on the mantle. Each star will focus on a different virtue, fruit, or gift that we look to grow in.

***Fasting, 1 day per week. You may choose any route to fast, whether it be 2 small and 1 large meals, abstaining from something (ie chocolate), bread and water only. It is whatever you choose.

***(optional) Reading along in the daily meditation book. This has a few very brief questions to consider regarding the day’s focus.

Materials to purchase:

***Mary’s Mantle Consecration, A Spiritual Retreat for Heaven’s Help. You can purchase this on Amazon here
Here is an example of a page:

***Mary’s Mantle Consecration, Prayer Journal (optional) You can purchase this on Amazon here
Here is an example of a page:

***Mary’s Mantle, poster of Our Lady of Guadalupe with star stickers (optional) This is a great option for those with kids that would like to have a visual aid to go along with the days. You can purchase it here.
Here is what a poster looks like:

More important information to know:

***We will begin the first day on the feast of St Jude. Our consecration retreat will begin following the 7PM feast day Mass with the first rosary. If you are unable to attend this Mass, you can still participate.

***You will choose 1 day a week (except Sunday) to fast. On that day the rest of us praying will pray for you specifically.

***I will send you emails each week letting you know who you are praying for on what days.

***I will also include a video that you can watch, regarding a variety of topics from fasting to virtues.

***Our retreat will conclude with a Mass and rosary on the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe. (In the case of a funeral on that morning, we will arrange other plans)

***HERE is a link to the main website with more information

***It is important that all understand that this retreat does not demand perfection. You will forget or slip up with fasting or whatnot, and that is OK. You do not need to be perfect to sign up : )

Please email Sue with any questions or concerns!