BattleGR Youth Night


Who can go?

Any 6-12th grade students.

Where is this held?

This is a youth event put on by BattleGR (284 Dodge NE Suite 100 Comstock Park 49321).

When is it?

Friday, April 19 from 7-9PM.

What do you do there?

So much!

*Laser Tag

* (Nerf) Archery Tag

* Axe Throwing (14+)






How much is the cost?


Please send a cash or check to St Jude by Wednesday, April 17.


How will this be organized?

Middle school students will be asked to be in groups of 4+.

High school students will be asked to be in groups of 2+.


Do you need chaperones?

I would like to have 1 chaperone for 10 kids. Please let me know if you are able to attend.

All chaperones must be Virtus trained.

How do I register?

Register with the form below.

More questions?


BattleGR Youth Night

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