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St Alphonsus Tax Program

It’s Tax Time!
The VITA Tax Program is back for another year! A partnership
between St. Alphonsus, New Development Corp., and Creston
Christian Reformed Church, will begin preparing free income
taxes now through April! We are open for walk-in and drop-offs
on Tuesday from 6-8pm, Thursday are appointments from 12-
3pm and 6-8pm, and Saturday are appointments from 9-11am.
If you make $56,000 or less per year, you are eligible to have
your taxes done right in our parish center by a trained, IRS certified tax preparer.
Please call 616-913-4414 to schedule an appointment. The tax
program is held at St. Alphonsus Parish Center. Clients will want
to enter the school building near the circle drive and come into
the main doors.
We are also in need of individuals to provide a meal for our
volunteers while they prepare taxes. If you are able to bring
food, please contact Shelli at 361-7500 to sign up.

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