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New Ministry – Caring Hearts

Caring Hearts is a ministry serving our community, providing transportation, visits and/or the Eucharist. The rides could be to church, the doctor’s office, or shopping, but limited to the GR area. The visits could be to a person’s home or care facility.

The visits could be for just a few minutes, or maybe two or three hours, if a caregiver needs to go shopping, to dinner or to a movie. The arrangements would be made between volunteer and the recipient. The Eucharist, of course, is taking the host to someone who may be unable to attend church.

We are blessed to have several who have stepped forward and are willing to help in some way. Please contact Gary or Toots Doucette at 361-5702, Jim Conner at 363-3789, Janet Landino at 363-3044, or John Lapciuk at 361-9884 if you have any questions or would like to serve or know of someone in the area that would benefit from our service. Caring Hearts is not limited to Catholics, except for the Eucharist, so please call and let us know if you have a caring heart.

Life is our time to prepare for Eternity. We are created by God, to be like God, to love and to be loved, for God is Love. Caring Hearts can be a ministry that provides opportunities for our community members to love and be loved through acts of kindness and service.

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