Mission Statement
(what we do)

Mothers of Grace is a group of Roman Catholic women dedicated to Mary, the Mother of God and our Heavenly Mother, that offers spiritual, educational, and social opportunities for mothers of all ages and encourages a deeper appreciation and renewed commitment to our blessing and holy calling of our vocations and motherhood.

Vision Statement
(why we do what we do)

Strong Catholic mothers help foster strong Catholic marriages and families. Family, also called a church in miniature, is the core unit of the universal Roman Catholic Church, and through this unit we strive to achieve our sanctification.

“Among the fundamental tasks of the Christian family is its ecclesial task: The family is placed at the service of the building up of the kingdom of God in history participating in the life and mission of the church… the family is a living image and historical representation of the mystery of the church.”

–Familiaris Consortio, Blessed John Paul II

Values Statements
(how we do what we do)

  1. Mary, Mother of God, is our guide in setting goals in accordance with Christ’s will.
  2. All programming is consistent with Holy Scripture and the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church.
  3. Fees are not a limiting factor for any mother who desires to participate.
  4. Mothers of Grace is a ministry that operates out of St Jude parish.

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