So you’re thinking about learning how to live stream…

Here is what you need to know:
  • Expectations
    • Arrive 10 minutes early to Mass, starting the stream five minutes prior.
    • Sit in the booth during Mass. You can choose to keep the door open or shut
  • FAQs
    • When are the times you are looking for help? 
    • Do I need to be a computer whiz to help out? No. It would be helpful for you to know a bit about computers and Facebook, though. Once you watch the 5-10 minute training video on Youtube, you will see that it really isn’t that hard.
    • Will this count for my Mass obligation? Yes!
    • Do I have to stay around for a while after Mass? No! You can leave as soon as you shut down – which takes no time at all.
    • If I say ‘yes’ to helping, am I saying ‘yes’ to ALL funerals, or ALL summer Masses? No. Sue would just like to have a list of names that she can check with when I need assistance.
    • Which weekend Mass will you need help with? She will likely only need help at the 4PM Saturday Mass.
    • If I am a high school student can this go toward service hours? Yes! Check with Sue on getting any paperwork filled out.
    • If I say ‘yes’ to this am I making a difference? You sure the heck are! It would be very helpful to Sue anyone who is only able to experience Mass virtually.
  • If you are interested, please email Sue at to get more information.
Thank you for your consideration!