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Epiphany Gifts

In celebration of the Epiphany of our Lord and the beginning of the 75th Anniversary of our parish.
Fr. Tom, Fr. Danny, Deacon Larry and the Stewardship Committee would like to thank you for sharing your time, talent and treasure here in the parish. We are unable to celebrate the Epiphany, like we have in the past by eating a meal and honoring parishioners who have shared they talents over many years.
So, this year we want to take a moment to acknowledge the cantors who have led us in musical prayer during the pandemic, when the choir has been unable to sing together.
*Mary Bauer, David Cole, MaryAlice Miller, Lexi Schaub, Jalene Schmidt, Lori Totten, and Steve Wayward*
As you leave Mass today, we have a small gift for the parish family. Please stop by on your way out of church to pick it up.
Thank you for all you do!

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