In the fall of 2016 St Jude will be starting our own dinner club! This will be an exciting new addition to our events that will be a great chance for new and old parishioners to gather, eat, and get to know one another.

What is dinner club?

3 times a year groups of 8 will gather at parishioners homes to eat a meal together. The host will either offer the whole meal themselves or a potluck dinner will be organized. New groups will be made each time to provide chances for new friendships to be formed.

Who can join?

This is open to anyone 21 and up! If you can eat, you can join us! Whatever your state in life is we want you to come. This is NOT just for married couples, or younger parishioners, or retirees…. This is for everyone! Married/single/divorced, old/young, kids/no kids… we want you!

Who are the hosts?

Anyone is welcome to be a host. All you need to do is sign up to be one. You are not committed to always hosting. You can host as many times are you would like.

Am I always with the same group?

No, each time a dinner is held the groups will be switched up. This provides a better chance to regularly meet new people.

When are the dinner nights held?

This is up to the host to pick a night and time. We ask that you pick a night within the 2 months allotted (ie. October 1-November 30). Once they have picked a night they let the others in their group know, via email or phone.

What is the commitment?

Although we would ask that you aim to attend if you sign up, if you are unable to attend, simply let the host know. If you sign up for 1 session of dinners, you are not required to attend all year long.

What if I am interested in attending, but I am not sure I want to commit to it yet?

You can sign up as an extra! There will be a list of extras that in the case someone has to drop out, or there are spaces available, the extras will be asked if they are interested in attending.

What kind of food is served?

There is no “fanciness” requirement for the dinners. You can serve anything from burgers on the grill to lobster : )

Will alcohol be served?

Because this is for those 21 and up, alcohol is acceptable! It will be up to the host if they would prefer to provide drinks or it is BYOB.

What about the kids?

This is an adult event. Enjoy the time out and please hire a sitter : )

Where can I sign up?

Fill out the form below and we will get in contact with you in September!

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