Join us in January for our 1st Annual Settlers of Catan Tournament. And what is better than just playing Settlers? Helping moms and babies. And what’s better than playing Settlers and helping moms and babies? Doing it all with the potential to win a prize, while eating great food and drinking a beer (provided you are not one of our 18-21 players).

What do you need to know?

This event is open to 18+ year olds.

The night will start with a cocktail hour from 6-7PM where we will gather and eat and drink while check-in opens and the tournament is set up.

There will be 2 rounds. 36 spots will be available for 6 6-player games. The 6 winners from that round will then play each other in the 2nd round.

Anyone can play, even first-timers, but please come knowing the rules. There will not be any time for instructions on how to play.

The cost is $10. This will go to the HELP Pregnancy Crisis Center. We will also be accepting things such as diapers, pacifiers, bottles, and teething toys.

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