Confessions at St Jude:
Most Tuesdays from 7-8PM and Saturdays 2-3PM

Daily Mass Schedule:
Monday: 7PM Mass (Eucharistic Adoration from 5:45-6:45PM)
Tuesday: 8:30AM Mass
Wednesday: 8:30AM Mass
Thursday: 8:30AM Mass
Friday: 8:30AM Mass

Book Suggestions:

*Door Keepers by Joel Schorn
*Imitation of Christ
*Imitation of Mary
*Mere Christianity by CS Lewis
*Screwtape Letters by CS Lewis

Mediation Options:
*How to pray the Rosary
*7 Mediations on Christ’s 7 Last Words
*Devotion to the 7 Sorrows of Mary

Examination of Conscience:
*Examen Prayer

*Pray More Retreats
*Chosen TV Series